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Driven by Design

Just because something has always been done that way it doesn’t mean its the best way it can be done .We are driven by making things better than they have been made before , Setting standards that mean if something isn’t good enough for us and our families then its not good enough for our customers. Our teams  are constantly innovating and developing our products to ensure we deliver the very latest in design and technology available



Our History

Redrock is a brand owned by M2C Innovation Ltd a company based in a sleepy little village called Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire England. From this location they have been bringing innovative products to the market since 2011 when they started to invent the Pod Tent www.podtents.com. The idea of Pod was to allow customers to build their own custom camping set up by allowing tents to be connected together using a universal tunnel system. Pod has gone on to be sold in 25 different countries around the world with 1000’s of happy customers , With an appetite to constantly improve they currently have an Extreme version of the Pod being tested on mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


In 2016 they went back to the drawing board to see if they could bring the concept of camping connectivity in a different format and the Qube Tent was born www.qubetents.com . It was launched on the crowd funding platform Indiegogo and was hugely successful resulting in $465,000 of backing at concept stage. Qube has already established itself around the globe as a popular brand and the team are already working on the next development for this product.


The RedRock bag is the latest product our team has developed to once again disrupt the market by looking at what frustrates us about current bag designs, what is missing for the modern world and what we can do to design a product that rips up the rule book and brings you a product that we think will be adopted as the new norm when it comes to sleeping bags. Clever design, modern touches, highest quality materials and performance all at an affordable price.




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