RedRock Sleeping Bags coming Soon
Innovating is in our blood

RedRock Sleeping bags currently in design

We are currently working hard in the design of a range of sleeping bags that we think will revolutionize the market , We know that people can feel restricted in normally sized mummy sleeping bags which as standard are 210cm x 80cm x 50cm so we have extended all the sizing to ensure our bags will be 230cm x 100cm x 80cm giving you far more wriggle room inside.

A centralized zip with a extended zipper puller will mean you no longer have to fumble left or right to zip your bag up and down.

Internal pockets to ensure you can keep your valuables safe and close to you , It will also allow for hand warmers to be placed inside the bag to further increase the internal temperature on those cold nights.

The head section of the bags is designed to have our custom made memory foam pillow slipped inside so no more lying flat or having to bring your own pillow with you , If you don’t want to use our pillow then you could always roll up your clothes and slip then in the pocket area to create your very own pillow.

We will be offering 3 bags , The Vaporo 280 , Vaporo 450 which are both a hollow fibre synthetic filling bag and the Temporo 1000 which is a duck down filled bag . You will also be able to select from 5 possible colour options.

Bags will be tested to CPAI75 flammability and to EN20537 ( which replaced EN13537)

We are currently in the process of final stage sampling and will be launching the products on a crowd funding platform in Autumn 2018 so please register you interest on our site to be the first to get your hands on those early bird offers.